Weight Lifting Supersets From Neptune Nick

What is a Superset?

In the beginning of time God created the set. After a while he realized that results just weren’t reaching their potential. And so on the seventh day God created the superset. For those of you who are unfamiliar, a superset is just a new way of doing something familiar. Take your set (aka a series of repetitions across various exercises) and supercharge it. What does this mean? Well, let’s start with a normal dumbell curl. That’s where supersets arrive in. I want to start from the start and explain the difference between a traditional set and a superset.

A few posts ago I mentioned how to get muscle definition. This is one of those essential ways that many people are taking advantage of to improve their physique. Not all kinds of supersets are perfect for building maximal strength, however supersets increase Lactic Acid creation, which can help boost Growth Hormone (GH) levels within the body. Vascularity and definition also have been a consequence of using supersets over a protracted period. You have to trust your body when you’re engaging in intense activity. Be mindful that you don’t overdo it. Supersets are not for the faint of heart and require a careful balance of rest to activity. It’s not only for meatheads, but for anyone who wants to bulk up in a smart and time appropriate manner.

super saiyan
I said Superset, not Super Saiyan… This is what you might look like after your super sets though…

Are Supersets Scientifically Proven to Work?

A 2010 study on supersets from the NCBI provided support that blood lactate levels were significantly increased during the superset workouts opposed to the traditional. What does this mean for you? More results, that’s what! Since high heights of cortisol will cause a rise in weight gain and very low testosterone heights won’t support muscle growth it’s vital to time your workouts in a manner that will help you get maximum outcomes. This workout program benefits bodybuilders who also want to incorporate some level of strength training in their routine but don’t wish to modify completely to toughness training.

The University of New Mexico also did some digging into the world of supersets and came up with some surprising discoveries. They concluded that although results were preliminary the effects of doing supersets produced similar results to the traditional weight lifting strategies in much less time than the typical set. It might be targeting exactly the same muscle or distinct muscles. You should always have a spotter when doing exercises that may be a little too advanced for you to prevent accelerated injury. You must always be improving every time you visit the gym.

Should I Start Implementing Supersets Into My Weight Lifting Routine?

Long story short. Yes. If you prefer to reduce your weight, it’s necessary for you to eat right. The weight that you use for every one of the 3 exercises is similar enough to make this an extremely powerful and time saving combination. And, if you continue to construct strength, when wanting to build size, you’re going to be able to manage a larger load than you had the ability to before, thus upping your general total volume per training session. Image result for superset research

Alternating sets are essentially precisely the identical as supersets, except that you DO rest between exercises. The subsequent 3 sets are the working sets, and following each set, you raise the weight when decreasing the reps. I feel that’s the best method to train. I usually mix in a really complex energy shake into the mix, throw down the supersets and then proceed to greatness. The image to the right is a version that I’ve found and modified for myself to incorporate much more abdominal activity.


Three Advantages to Supersets

  1. Save an incredible amount of time by combining your routine into a consecutive, rapid-fire workout.
  2. Increase your weight threshold in a shorter amount of time by emphasizing more intense exercises.
  3. Limit your rest time and maximize the muscle breakdown through accelerated stimulation.


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