A Bodybuilding Dilemma: Whey Protein vs Casein Protein

To Protein or Not to Protein, That is Not the Question

We all know that protein is the answer to muscle growth. Whey protein can help prevent diarrhea due to bacterial infection. It may lower blood sugar levels. It may be helpful in blood sugar control. It is not a new product. And while it’s very effective, it’s now not the only form of protein making waves.

Casein is the new kid on the block even though the existence of this compound protein has been known for centuries. It is a popular diet supplement Image result for shakespeare muscleamong people of all ages and has been trending in gyms across the country for a while now. In this article I’ll look to dispel myths about each protein, focus in on

Proteins comprise of amino acids. These little guys are essential to improving the metabolic rate and enhancing muscle growth. Whey protein was studied for reducing risk factors linked with heart disease. It thus helps prevent osteoporosis. It has been found to reduce blood sugar in both healthy people and those with type 2 diabetes.

Show Me The Whey!

Whey Protein is an essential for weight trainers trying to increase their body mass while shedding fat. However you look at it, this protein source should be included in your regular diet. In all honesty, there are particular whey proteins I have a tendency to shy away from on account of the way they’re manufactured. The flow chart to the left gives a comprehensive breakdown in analyzing the construct of whey. Image result for whey protein chart

Whey protein might raise the chance of bleeding. It’s referred to as fast protein due to it’s ability to provide lighting quick absorption into the body. Whey Protein also aids in building immunity power, enhance stamina. It has been studied for weight loss and the regulation of appetite. It is important to the body in other ways however. It’s advisable to buy isolate whey protein as it only is made up of 1 percent lactose.

It may help with additional aspects of wellness. It is a potential solution. It could help you reduce hunger and avoid developing a bowling ball-shaped physique. It’s essential to read protein powder reviews to locate the optimal/optimally protein powders out there. A decent protein powder is going to have rather high quality build. Protein powder is most frequently connected with dudes that are really into strength training. Based on what you’re trying for, you might be seeking the ideal protein powder for weight reduction, or the most appropriate for muscle development!

Casein: The Pros and Cons

There are many reasons people utilize casein protein shakes. It allows someone to control their diet effectively and is a quick release of valuable nutrients. Should you be attempting to use whey protein for a meal replacement, then you are going to wind up getting extremely hungry really fast.


  • High Absorption Percentage – Because it remains in the digestive tract longer there is less “wasted” chains
  • Helps you hold on to muscle that has already been built
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Increases the balance of nitrogen during the recovery phase of muscle-building


  • Slow to digest – This means a longer absorption time
  • Percentage of branch-chain amino acids is more stable than whey
  • Less protein synthesis
  • Not suitable for the lactose intolerant

A majority of manufacturers extract casein by means of a very intricate system that incorporates numerous chemicals. The final result is the casein that you see on the shelves in grocery stores and at your local GNC. Casein is a less expensive protein as it is derived from a process that requires much less resources and costs. Besides being a go-to source of clean protein, casein is also an additive in many other products to supplement and increase protein content.

So you might be asking yourself why casein has gotten so popular within the past few years, which is because it provides a range of advantages that you don’t see with any other sorts of protein. You might have guessed, casein comes from dairy. One thing to keep in mind is that casein does not travel through the digestive system quickly As mentioned above, it is best used in combination with whey. It also has an extremely high source of glutamine which is also important for recovery from exercise.

Because it’s absorbed so slowly, casein is normally regarded as the optimal/optimally meal replacement available. Thus, it is easily the most anabolic protein. It’s not suggested to use casein prior to, during, or after workouts due to this slow digestion procedure. Soy protein is just another option you might consider using. It is the most common vegetarian protein supplement. It is derived from the soybean.

Nick’s Verdict on Whey vs. Casein Protein

Like I said in my post about muscle definition, protein is your best friend. Protein promotes muscle rise and maintenance along with muscle recovery following workouts. It’s quite crucial to include apt quantity of protein in the diet plan. Whey protein seems to help dieters eliminate weight by supporting muscle tissue. It has the complete range of amino acid required in your body. It is the fastest digesting protein powder which makes it ideal for post-workout.

Image result for protein vs caseinIt is the most common protein you will hear about from all of the fitness gurus. Protein is essentially a chain of amino acids and it’s a macronutrient which our bodies need. Casein protein is also very high in glutamine, which comprises a wonderful part of the complete protein. Should you be searching for casein protein,there are plenty of options available in powder form.


A Bodybuilding Dilemma: Whey Protein vs Casein Protein
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A Bodybuilding Dilemma: Whey Protein vs Casein Protein
We weigh the pros and cons of whey and casein protein
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