Nick from Denver

DISCLAIMER: Contrary to the title of this website, I have never been to, nor am I from the planet Neptune. Many moons ago I drove through Neptune City, New Jersey where I did purchase a memorable milk shake. That’s about as far as my Neptune connection goes… At Red Rocks

I was actually born and raised in Colorado City and at the age of 15 migrated north to the land of the heathens (aka Boulder, Colorado). As a freshman in high school I joined the football team and discovered my passion for weight training. I started out as a little squirt, but after three years of dedicated work became a starting linebacker.

Once I finished high school I decided to stay in Boulder where I studied kinesiology and smoked a LOT of weed. Fortunately I got in with some great gym rats who taught me a lot about building muscles and keeping them on through a good diet. Apart from my bud habit I abstain from any alcohol, fast food, or high sugar snacks.

I started this blog so that I can pass on some of the weight training wisdom I’ve accrued over the years. If you can’t tell, I’ve got a pretty tight bod. That isn’t boasting; it’s a ROCK MOUNTAIN. COLD. HARD. FACT.

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